22-29 SEPTEMBER 2024



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Foto av administrasjonen: Thekla Nyberg, Sigmund Tvete Vik og Kristin Reigstad.

Festival Director
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Leader of Trondheim Int. Chamber Music Competition 
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Visiting address:
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7042 Trondheim

Postal address:
Trondheim kammermusikkfestival 
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N–7481 Trondheim 

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Trondheim Chamber Music Festival was founded in 1996 and takes place in the last week of September each year.

The festival is internationally recognized for an innovative programme of high quality and with a young profile, always with outstanding musicians from home and abroad. Kamfest also organizes the Trondheim Int. Chamber Music Competition and Fargespill Trondheim. Below you can read more about the festival and its history up to today.


Since its humble beginnings, the Trondheim Chamber Music Festival has been an adventure.

The Trondheim Chamber Music Festival was established in 1996 as a small festival featuring friends and musicians from Trondheim, run by two friends from a studio bedroom and various café tables around Trondheim. Years later it has become one of the most innovative chamber music festivals in the world, based at Dokkhuset in the heart of Trondheim. The festival is attracting attention from all over the world.

“Founded 26 years ago, the little Festival still feels fresh.”
- Shirley Apthorpe, Slipped disc 23/9-22


Chamber music is communication on a high level, intimate, beautiful and challenging. Chamber music holds a central place in the hearts of and in the production of, our most respected and beloved composers of all periods. Since 1996 the festival has aimed to find the balance between being innovative, audience friendly and presenting a programme of high quality. Through the festival, the Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition & Academy (TICC), give young international and national chamber music ensembles, the chance to develop their career.

The Festival aims to be a yearly international and national arena for chamber music in different genres of high quality and innovation, based in Trondheim. Ensemble music of high quality is not genre defined or art specific and therefore the festival presents concerts combining music with literature, dance, gastronomy, and the fine arts. In addition, the festival wants to offer concerts for children and families.

Contributing to the local music life is very important for the festival, which is arranged every September to cater to the city’s general population as well as the students who have returned from summer holiday. The festival artists are involved in a lot of different activities together with the local music scene, such as playing with local musicians and giving seminars and master classes at the NTNU Department of Music.

By constantly offering something extraordinary, the festival has managed to attract the attention of both regular concertgoers and those who don't usually go to concerts. In recent years, the proportion of young people/students in the audience has been around 45-50%. This is quite unique in today's classical music world.


Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition, a renowned chamber music competition, is held every other year during the festival.

The Trondheim Chamber Music Festival has an ambition to feature the best young chamber music ensembles. We believe that young musicians of high international quality will inspire, fascinate, and attract a young audience. And the classical scene needs a young audience! As part of this development Trondheim Int. Chamber Music Competition, TICC was established in 2000, the first international chamber competition in Norway. The competition seeks student ensembles and young professional ensembles. It has had much international attention and receives applications from all over the world. The competition is held every two years, alternately for string quartets and piano trios, with Academy in the years when there is no competition. The high level and profile of the competition gives the music city of Trondheim international visibility. 

Read more about Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition and Academy here.

Mithras Trio, TICC winners 2019.


Fargespill Trondheim started in 2012 as a collaboration between the festival and Trondheim Cultural School.

Fargespill Trondheim is a multicultural artistic project where more than 100 children and young people from around 40 nations, including Norway, participate in weekly rehearsals throughout the year. The activity follows the school calendar and is simultaneously cultural exchange, teaching, inclusion and an artistic product. Through this, a performance based on circus, children´s rhymes, and folk music and dance from all over the world, is created, which is performed during the festival in September each year.

Read more about Fargespill Trondheim here.


The foundation of Trondheim Chamber Music Festival (Stiftelsen Trondheim kammermusikkfestival) was founded 23 December 1996.


Our vision
Trondheim Chamber Music Festival and Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition shall be nationally and internationally outstanding with an innovative programme of high quality and with a young profile.
Board members 
Magnus Norum Skoglund (chairman of the board)
Ivar Roger Hansen
Marie Jacobsen Lauvås      
Marte Løvik
Margrethe Markussen
Rasmus A. Brodtkorp
Rune Bratseth
Åshild Adsen (alternate member)
Ingeborg Lund (alternate member)

Sigmund Tvete Vik (festival director)
Thekla Nyberg (producer)
Kristin Reigstad (director Trondheim Int. Chamber Music Competition)

Artistic council
Sigmund Tvete Vik (artistic director)
Kristin Reigstad
Marianne Thorsen
Eirik Hegdal

Trondheim Chamber Music Festival is a member of Arrangørnettverk Trøndelag and Norske Kulturarrangører.